2019 Ford Fusion Owners Manual - Driving Hints

Driving Hints

You need to break in new tires for approximately 300 mi (480 km). During this time, your vehicle may exhibit some unusual driving characteristics.

Avoid driving too fast during the first 1,000 mi (1,600 km). Vary your speed frequently and change up through the gears early. Do not labor the engine.

Do not tow during the first 1,000 mi (1,600 km).

Fuel economy is affected by several things such as how you drive, the conditions you drive under and how you maintain your vehicle.

There are some things to keep in mind that may improve your fuel economy:

• Accelerate and slow down in a smooth, moderate fashion.

• Drive at steady speeds.

• Anticipate stops; slowing down may eliminate the need to stop.

• Combine errands and minimize stop-and-go driving (When running

errands, go to the furthest destination first and then work your way back home).

• Close the windows for high-speed driving.

• Drive at reasonable speeds.

• Keep the tires properly inflated and use only the recommended size.

• Use the recommended engine oil.

• Perform all regularly scheduled maintenance.

There are also some things you may want to avoid doing because they reduce your fuel economy:

• Avoid sudden or hard accelerations.

• Avoid revving the engine before turning off the car.

• Avoid long idle periods.

• Do not warm up your vehicle on cold mornings.

• Reduce the use of air conditioning and heat.

• Avoid using speed control in hilly terrain.

• Do not rest your foot on the brake pedal while driving.

• Avoid carrying unnecessary weight.

• Avoid adding particular accessories to your vehicle (e.g. bug deflectors, rollbars/light bars, running boards, ski racks).

• Avoid driving with the wheels out of alignment.

WARNING: Do not drive through flowing or deep water as you may lose control of your vehicle.

Note: Driving through standing water can cause vehicle damage.

Note: Engine damage can occur if water enters the air filter.

Before driving through standing water, check the depth. Never drive through water that is higher than the bottom of the front rocker area of your vehicle.


When driving through standing water, drive very slowly and do not stop your vehicle. Your brake performance and traction may be limited. After driving through water and as soon as it is safe to do so:

• Lightly press the brake pedal to dry the brakes and to check that they work.

• Check that the horn works.

• Check that the exterior lights work.

• Turn the steering wheel to check that the steering power assist works.

To install the floor mats, position the floor mat eyelet over the retention post and press down to lock in position.

To remove the floor mat, reverse the installation procedure.

Note: Regularly check the floor mats to make sure they are secure.


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